Do you have workers perched high above your buildings?

Extra protections are important for employees working at heights

One of the riskiest situations that any employee can get into is one where they're assigned to work at a great height. Constructing a roof atop a tall structure, for example, is an unavoidable part of the job, but any worker who attempts to tackle it is inevitably putting themselves in harm's way.

It's crucial to put protections in place that will keep employees from having scary accidents.

That's why it's so crucial for work site supervisors and other business leaders to put protections in place that will keep their employees from having scary accidents. The health of your employees should always be a top priority – keeping people safe will make them happy, motivated and productive. When it comes to precarious situations like heights, you shouldn't take any chances.

Putting edge protections in place

One of the trickiest situations to address when it comes to work site safety involves managing employees who have to work at heights. In most cases, having people stationed high up is unavoidable, so you just have to mitigate risks the best you can.

According to WorkSafe New Zealand, one key way to do this is with edge protection. If you put walls or other barriers around the edges of roofs or other high surfaces, you can keep people from falling far if they slip or trip. Such protections come in many forms. They might consist of a simple bit of scaffolding or guardrailing, or a more concrete barrier like a full-fledged wall.

Fine-tuning your safety checklist

If you really care about the safety of your workers, getting edge protections built for your roofs should be a top priority to add to your work site safety checklist. According to Industrial Safety and Hygiene News, the hallmark of a good manager is the ability to have such protocols in place and follow up, making sure they're enforced.

Come up with a detailed list of work safety initiatives and prioritise them.Come up with a detailed list of work safety initiatives and prioritise them.

Thoroughness is important in this regard. It's crucial to keep a checklist of structures that need to be built and constantly reevaluate the inherent risks on your work site, looking for opportunities to do anything more.

Get an app to document your progress

Of course, building safety apparatuses for roofs is just one of many small tasks you'll need to tackle when handling worker safety, and it can be difficult to coordinate the many moving pieces that are part of the job.

This is why it helps to have a top-quality workplace safety app on your side. Luckily, that's exactly what SiteApp is. One of SiteApp's best features is its efficient documentation process, which allows you to take detailed notes on each new project your staff tackles and share them with ease. Making your workplace safer is a long and complicated process, but we're here to simplify it a little.

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