Is your company adhering to all the safety rules?

Keep your business nimble amid new work safety regulations

In New Zealand, the government has always had nationwide standards in place to ensure employers look out for the health and safety of their workers. There's some wiggle room in the laws, and every manager has the right to set their own standards to a certain extent, but there's a nationwide baseline that everyone must at least meet, if not exceed.

If you manage a New Zealand business, it's important to respond to the changing rules.

In 2016, that baseline is rising as the government continues to roll out new standards governing worker safety. If you manage a New Zealand business, especially one where workers are frequently at risk, it's important to stay agile and respond well to the changing rules.

What's changing in 2016?

New Zealand has always demanded that employers ensure health and safety at work, but the rules are only becoming more stringent. This year, according to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, the latest development is a mandate for health and safety representatives. If you run a business where employees are in high-risk situations, workers can request an H&S rep, and you will be obligated to provide one.

With this mind, now is a good time to review your company's workflows and assess employees' risk levels. What are the chances of an employee getting hurt on your premises? How seriously would such an injury be? Once you have these answers, you can start off on the path toward compliance.

Revisiting your safety framework

If you're ever in doubt about the risk levels your employees are facing, it's never a bad idea to go back over your work site safety checklist and revisit a few of the key points. According to Safety and Health Magazine, two of your primary areas of focus should be slip, trip and fall prevention and fire safety.

Protect against risky situations for your employees.Protect against risky situations for your employees.

As for the former point, reducing clutter and ensuring a clean, orderly workspace will make it less likely that employees have accidents that lead to injury. For the latter, fire safety is also largely the product of cleanliness – if there are hazardous materials and wastes scattered around your site, people are going to be at risk. The solution is clear. A more orderly workspace will benefit everyone.

Take control of health and safety

To ensure compliance with all of New Zealand's safety laws, you've got to keep a close watchful eye on your employees and their work. So why not purchase a workplace safety app to help you do it? That's exactly what you get with SiteApp.

SiteApp is a powerful tool that helps you regain control over worker health and safety. A big reason for this is its capability for remote monitoring. With our app, it's always easy to check up on your personnel, even if they're offsite working on disparate projects. You never want to lose sight of your employees or their safety – and fortunately, with SiteApp, you'll never have to.

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