Why bother with paper forms when you can use tablets instead?

Electronic signatures add a new level of convenience to safety documents

From time to time, just about everyone in business has to deal with one common burdensome task – signing lots of paperwork. Whether you're an entry-level employee filling out a time card or a CEO inking important contracts, everybody's got to sign something, and usually often.

If you're still penning your name on form after form, you should know it's no longer necessary.

After a while, the task can start to feel repetitive and pointless. After all, this is the 21st century, and modern technology has already made countless rote business tasks easier and more efficient. Isn't it about time signatures became one of them?

As a matter of fact, they are. If you're still tediously penning your name on form after form, you should know it's no longer necessary – especially where workplace safety is concerned.

A highly efficient and secure process

If you spend a lot of time filling out forms for safety documentation, it certainly makes sense to spend a little time searching for a more efficient way to do so. According to TechTarget, digital signatures are that way – they work just as well as a regular signature, only they're faster and more secure as well, since they address the problems of tampering and impersonation.

TechTarget noted that in many countries, digital signatures have become so popular that government bodies have granted them the same legal significance as more traditional signings. This trend will only continue as paperless work keeps gaining ground.

The benefits of going paperless

Is your business considering a transition from a pen and paper-based method of safety documentation toward more of a mobile work site safety strategy? If you're not thinking about that possibility, you probably should be. According to research from DocuSign, paperless work processes bring many benefits.

Why deal with piles of paper when you don't have to?Why deal with piles of paper when you don't have to?

Chief among them is cost saving. If you no longer have to worry about printing, scanning and couriering documents, that's a tremendous financial burden lifted right away. In addition, paperless work is often faster than its traditional counterpart, and it allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate more easily.

Embracing a better workplace safety app

The best way to go paperless with your work safety inspections is to use a tablet with a safety app. More specifically, SiteApp should be your mobile solution of choice, as it makes it easy to gather your documents and sign them electronically as well.

Why waste time physically signing forms when you don't have to? SiteApp's integrated signature capturing technology makes it easy to fill out paperwork and store it for as long as you need. It's fast, easy, efficient and bound to help your business do more with less.

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