Taking care of employees might mean watching them closely.

Monitoring employees can help ensure their continued safety

Most people have a negative gut reaction to the idea of being monitored at work. It has an unnerving connotation, evoking the Orwellian idea that "Big Brother is watching you." Following your employees too closely can make them feel paranoid and uncomfortable.

The hallmark of a good manager is the ability to enforce safe and responsible work practices.

On the other hand, proper oversight is important for improving their safety. The hallmark of a good manager is the ability to keep one's eye on staff members and ensure they're engaging in safe and responsible work practices. If monitoring their work is what it takes to do this, then perhaps it's not so bad an idea after all.

Changing your workplace culture

If you're going to start monitoring your employees more closely, a good first step is to change your company culture so that people expect to be monitored and are OK with it. According to Entrepreneur, this can be done – Andrew Walls, security and risk analyst at Gartner, told the magazine that the key is to be transparent about your intentions.

"You need to have the transparency, that fully informed consent, or you run into morale issues or legal issues," he said.

There's nothing wrong with monitoring people if you're doing it for their own good – i.e., to keep them healthy and safe. If you establish from the start that that's your goal, everyone should get on board.

Giving structure to the workforce

The beauty of monitoring your employees is it should help give structure to your staff and their workflows. For example, if you've found that certain people are more productive in some roles and shifts than others, you can make adjustments to workers' schedules that will help them improve their work.

Technology can help with setting optimal work schedules.Technology can help with setting optimal work schedules.

You can also use technology to help people learn safer work habits. According to Hubstaff research, that's the thinking behind the recent rise of mobile work site safety. The software company found that monitoring employees and their work habits helps protect them against both physical threats and cyber ones.

Find the right safety app for you

If you really care about the well-being of your employees, it makes sense to keep a watchful eye on them and make sure their work is going smoothly. So why not use a workplace safety app to make this happen? As it turns out, SiteApp can be precisely this app.

SiteApp offers remote monitoring capabilities. This means that even if employers and their managers aren't sharing the same work site at all times, it's still easy for them to keep in touch and share information. Work in the 21st century is dynamic and mobile – why shouldn't your safety app be much the same way?

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