Conflicts at work can grow into much bigger problems.

Stress and low morale can put a damper on workplace safety

Most managers, when they think of workplace safety issues, their minds go first to preventing tangible physical threats such as fires. These are the most obvious threats to employee health and wellness, and it's of course important to address them. But sometimes, the more serious risk is less physical and more mental.

Something as simple as a small interpersonal conflict can boil over and become a much larger issue.

Low morale and high stress are issues that affect millions of people daily. Something as simple as a small interpersonal conflict at work can boil over and become a much larger issue, throwing off the cohesion and collaborative ability of an entire team. Managers should look to identify the causes of such issues and prevent them whenever possible.

What causes stress at work?

While stress isn't as obvious a threat to work site safety as some of the more blatant physical hazards, it can still be a major problem. According to WorkSafe New Zealand, workplace morale can become a significant threat whenever an issue – be it a difficult work task or an interpersonal squabble – is allowed to fester.

Such troubles come in all shapes and forms. Stress might originate because an employee is physically or mentally fatigued with their work. It may stem from harsh feedback that one employee gives about another. All kinds of negative experiences that seem relatively harmless at first could potentially grow into bigger disruptions.

How managers can improve the situation

Stress will always be a threat in the workplace on some level, but it's one that managers can mitigate if they're willing to make some adjustments to the work site safety checklist, considering more than just physical hazards.

Stress can be a major problem for employees.

Work distractions are one example of an often-overlooked danger. If people are unable to focus on their work, they're likely to struggle with it, and that can boil over into larger problems. According to Forbes, the healthiest workplace culture is one in which people are proactive, addressing challenges as they come and not letting them eat away at their productivity.

Go paperless, improve morale

The best way to ensure that your staff stays healthy, both physically and mentally, is to use a workplace safety app that can keep an eye on staff members and make sure you're apprised of any potential issues. SiteApp is great for this, as it's a mobile solution that offers you complete visibility into your staff.

What's more, the app also makes it easy to share information using paperless workflow. Forget about tracking the health of your employees using piles of paperwork – those days are over. Now, you can manage health issues quickly, painlessly and in real time.

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